Hamid Reza Asaadi

Software engineer, developer and many other things!

About me

It's been 20 years since I wrote my first line of code. Since then, I got my MSc in Software Engineering back in 2010; I have been software developer (1 year), team leader (1 year), co-founder and CEO (3 years) and CTO (1.5 years) in different software companies.

My professional career history advertises me as Java developer in the field of enterprise systems. While that's (very) true, it's not the whole truth! My deep dive in technical work didn't dim my enthusiasm about human communication, teamwork, and learning new things.

I am currently a PhD student at Stony Brook University.

Any ongoing projects?

Yes! A few months ago I started with the idea of building a fully automated online radio station, which now has many listeners worldwide and named Radio Auto-asaad. I invite you to take a look at its technical blog to see my notes on design approaches and challenges of building Radio Auto-asaad.

My online footprint